There are various works from catching of adult chickens to product packaging (that is, from skilled work to simple task), so employees can work according to their ability.
People come from a wide age range from teens to seventies.
Foreign nationals are welcomed if you have a work qualification.
Moreover, you can settle in company housing or dormitory (with complete furniture and home electronic) no matter if you are single or a couple.
Feel free to contact us for a visit to working place or other reasons.

Recruitment Information

Raw Material Division (4t and large-size)

Employment Status Full-time worker
Job description Collecting of chickens
Requirements Middle- or large-size vehicle driver's license is required.
Salary From 330,000 yen (guaranteed minimum wage) per a month for 4t
From 350,000 yen (guaranteed minimum wage) per a month for large-size vehicle
Salary is guaranteed even for months in which working time is shorten by company's convenience.
Working hours 90 % of work is conducted within Kanto.
10 % of work is conducted without Kanto.
Holidays According to calendar (plus every other Saturday, summer season and the end-year and New Year holidays). However, depending on raw material condition, holidays may be moved up to a previous day.
Note Working example: driving (120 minutes), work (240 minutes), in an assistant driver's seat (120 minutes), work (60 minutes)

Manufacturing Division

Employment Status Full-time worker and part-timer
Job description Poultry manufacturing
Requirements None
Salary From 220,000 yen per a month or from 1,000 yen per an hour (plus from 250 yen according to skill and experience)
Working hours Short-time work is available (four to five hours per a day).
Holidays According to calendar (plus every other Saturday, summer season and the end-year and New Year holidays).

Compensation package (common)

Perfect attendance allowance, Achievement allowance , Wage raise per year , Bonuses twice a year , Transportation allowance , Complete social insurances , Complete parking area , Uniform lending , Paid holidays , Lunch allowance , Retirement allowance system , Re-employment of retired workers , Company housing , Support for large-size vehicle driver's license acquisition , Support for certificate acquisition of poultry processing sanitary supervisor , Staff discount for adult chicken products , Transportation service is partially available.

Contact us by phone and bring a resume (with a photo)

657-1, Kigoro, Uchikado, Sashimagun, Sakaimachi, Ibaraki, Japan
TEL:+81-280-87-0038  Recruiter: Suzuki and Kuramochi